A Big Movie Deal

Would you rather get a big movie deal for one book, or be on the bestseller list several times? I think I’d rather have the one big book. Here’s my reasoning on this:

A movie deal presumably means money. Likely more money than I’d make off of several best sellers. At the very least, the kind of money that would render me financially stable enough that I could keep writing things that will only sell moderately. I’m a frugal person, and a minimalist. A movie deal could set me up to write what I want to write, without having to sweat the what the market wants.

Unlike best selling books, a movie wouldn’t require me to do interviews. When’s the last time you saw an author doing press for an adaptation of their book? I mean, an author that wasn’t already famous? I hate being in the spotlight. To get to best seller status would likely mean coming out of my hole to do interviews, and then achieving best seller status would require even more. Nope.

One good movie can also create fans. I don’t need every book to be in the Top 10 on the New York Time or Amazon. Having the access point of a film will get people to seek out the book it’s based on. That will lead a handful of people to find my other works. I’d rather have that small-but-stable fan base.

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