A Blog About Kindness

Someone asked me yesterday what I’d blog about if I were starting over entirely from scratch. If I had to pick a topic that was evergreen, and had the time and inclination to plan out posts weeks and months in advance. The answer was easy. I’d write a blog about kindness.

In some fashion I’d like to think that’s already what I do. Yes, I realize that I fall short, but the struggle to be kind in the current world has to be part of the discussion. I talk about productivity, in the hope that what works for me might help other people. A lot of posts reference struggles with physical and mental health, which is an attempt to reverse some of the stigma. There’s a lot of Buddhist thought thrown around. It’s disjointed, but if you were to pour though this site looking for a theme, it’s there.

So I’m thinking about some things. Ways to infuse that message into posts going forward. Steps I can take to add more kindness to my commercial work. How I can do a soft rebranding of the site to make it clear what the running thread is meant to be. Then finding ways, editorially, to stick to that theme.

I’m not going to suddenly take this on as a major project, overhaul the entire site, and start from scratch. What I did do is write “kindness” in Sharpie on a sticky note, and put it in a place of prominence next to my laptop. A reminder. I’ll be looking into meditations on kindness that I can do, to continue moving myself toward a better frame of mind. Meaningful change happens over time, after all, not as a marketing gimmick.

A Blog About Kindness

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