About the Weekly Newsletter

The weekly newsletter will relaunch in July 2021. Like the other expressions of this site (blog, zine, podcast) it will focus on the overlapping themes of minimalism, defiance, and inner peace.

The newsletter will also have a new name, one that unifies it with the other media. I will likely take the Spaceballs approach. My vision is that the blog, newsletter, zine, and podcast are all of a piece.

It will be a true newsletter, sent out via email on Sundays. As of this writing I’m planning to use MailChimp to manage it. I may make it available to patrons on my Patreon as well. It will not be cross-posted to the blog, although there will be notices what a new issue is about to go out.

I will add more information, including how to subscribe, as we get closer to the relaunch date.

Why a Newsletter?

Because algorithms. You deserve to see the things that you’ve asked to see, not what corporations have decided they’re willing to show you. Email is one of the last places on the internet where you can do that. If a social media platform changes its terms of service, or decides there’s more money in showing you something else, our connection doesn’t suddenly vanish without notice. You and I both retain our agency.

Why Minimalism, Defiance, and Inner Peace

Minimalism is about getting rid of the things you don’t need, in order to make space for the important things you truly need and want. This extends beyond material possessions to include stress, culture, and relationships. In an entertainment-focused, consumer-driven society, making these choices for yourself and rejecting the popular zeitgeist is an act of defiance. Standing up for yourself, and consciously choosing what you know to be the best course for your life, is the only way to achieve inner peace.

About the Weekly Newsletter

The weekly newsletter is a production of Berin Kinsman in conjunction with Dancing Lights Press. Copyright 2021 Berin Kinsman. All rights reserved.