How To Add Exercise To Your Writing Routine

How do you add exercise to your writing routine? I do not, unless you count making sure I get up from my desk at regular intervals as exercise. If you consider that I schedule everything around making word count, then technically it’s part of my writing practice.

How To Add Exercise To Your Writing Routine

Walking is my main exercise. Before the pandemic I walked to the grocery store, about a kilometer away, twice per week. At the start of the lockdown that dropped to once every two weeks. Currently it’s back to once a week. I used to walk downtown, about 3 km away, once a month, but it’s been over two months because, well, you know.

Now that the weather is nice, Katie and I try to take a walk once a day. Just a stroll around the neighborhood, or down to the lake. There are duck ponds nearby, and now that the ducks are back we’ll go down periodically to feed them oats or corn.

Other than that, I do some stretching in the morning, make sure I don’t sit too long, and carry groceries and laundry up the two flights of stairs to our flat.

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