Are Humans Addicted to Toxicity?

7:00 am EEST (GMT+3). This is the June 19 2020 daily proof of life post. Today I want to talk about the scraps of media and culture that have managed to get past my filters. I remain convinced that humans are addicted to toxicity. We seem wired to run directly toward the dumpster fire, rather than away from it.

To whit: the fact that some people expected me to make a statement about Warren Ellis, because in the past I have “supported” Warren Ellis. As if liking his work prior to knowing anything about his private behavior is an endorsement of said private behavior. Also, that I made a statement before he did. Which, I get. He wanted to word things carefully, and he was possibly contacting people privately to apologize before making a public statement. But hey, the culture demands that you do everything quickly and to their liking.

Also, that post blew up and got more views than anything useful, meaningful, or heartfelt I’ve ever written. Gossipy vultures.

Which brings us to Aunt Jemima and Taco Bell. I don’t want to get into what they did, I shouldn’t have to if it’s blown up to the point that it gets into my hermitage. People are seriously battling over pancake batter, artificially flavored high-fructose corn syrup, and bad faux Mexican food. “Oh, what will be do without these consumer products!”

Here’s a hint: Make pancakes from scratch, it’s not that complicated. I do it every Sunday morning. Flour, milk, egg, baking powder. As for syrup, try good jam made with real fruit, or real maple syrup. “Oh but those things are so much more expensive than fake crap syrup”. Good. Eat less of it. Enjoy the quality for a change, rather than leaping to quantity as your preferred metric. As for cost, you know what else is expensive? Insulin.

I know that Taco Bell is cheap and fast. Maybe those are the wrong metrics to measure your life. How about maybe eat less crap, and once in a while order takeaway from a family-owned Mexican restaurant. Better food, and your money feeds the local economy rather than a multinational corporation.

It’s tiresome to see people whining about their consumer desires. That the culture values products over health and happiness. No one’s going to die from not reading a Warren Ellis comic or not getting a “crunchwrap” or having to eat another brand of pancake. The ethics of walking away from toxic garbage are only difficult because we’re addicted to it.

Are Humans Addicted to Toxicity?

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