A Headache from Adrenal Fatigue

As I’m writing this it’s 7 am on Saturday, 28 March 2020. I’m awake because I have a headache from adrenal fatigue, an aftereffect of having an anxiety disorder. When Katie gets up I’m going to make biscuits and gravy with scrambled eggs for breakfast. We’ll eat in the living room while watching a Studio Ghibli movie, because Saturday morning cartoons are a long-standing tradition in our household. There will be much coffee as well.

A Headache from Adrenal Fatigue

I’ve already been up for about an hour. Sunrise was at 5:50 am, so we’re appreciably out of the Long Dark at this point. It’s 5C, or about 40F, so I stood outside on the patio for a bit enjoying the fresh air and birdsong. No people out yet, running or walking their dogs.  I need to make myself a cup of coffee and find something to nibble on so I can take a painkiller. This headache needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.

After breakfast the rest of the day will be for planning and writing. I need to finish blocking out my work schedule for the next two weeks. Even though April doesn’t start until Wednesday, I need to set up the new monthly spread in my bullet journal and change the wall calendar that I use for project management so I can see what’s coming up. It’s not about the months, it’s about the weeks. Then I need to make word count on the next project on the list, to keep things rolling.

At some point I need to figure out what I’m making for lunch and dinner. A big breakfast usually results in a late lunch. That in turn yields a late, light dinner, usually cheese, crackers, and fruit but we’re out of fresh fruit because, you know. There’s still banana bread, so maybe that and some yogurt.

Tonight after dinner we’ll probably watch a movie. Then Katie will go back to making art, which is how she normally spends the weekend. I’ll read a book until bedtime. It’s an exciting life.

For the rest of the weekend I’m avoiding any news and staying off of social media. I need a break. The only way out is through, and that means I just need to keep going. Focus on work, making money, maintaining the household. Do a good job taking care of today, and tomorrow will take care of itself.

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