By Request: Why I Enjoy AEW Dynamite

Today I want to talk about why I enjoy All Elite Wrestling and their main show, AEW Dynamite. First, a little background. In 2017 a wrestling journalist made a comment that no promotion that wasn’t WWE could sell 10,000 tickets to a live event. Three wrestlers, Cody Rhodes, Matt Jackson, and Nick Jackson, took that as a challenge. They put together an event call All In, and gathered independent wrestlers from a variety of promotions. It sold out in 30 minutes, and was attended by over 11,000 people.

Having established proof of concept, they went looking for financial backing. They scored entrepreneur Tony Khan, owner of the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars. Together they formed All Elite Wrestling, AEW, with Khan serving as President and CEO and Rhodes and the Jackson brothers as vice presidents.

They did some pay-per-view events. Those did well enough to get the interest of TNT, who back in the day aired WCW programming. In October 2019, AEW Dynamite was launched. TNT is so happy with the initial product that they’ve committed to a 3-year contract and want to launch a second show.

Why I Enjoy AEW Dynamite

What I like about AEW is that it’s fused together a lot of disparate ideas. They’ve taken former WWE talent, some of the best indie wrestlers, and stars from Japan and made it work. People who wee perpetual mid-card guys in WWE (like Cody) get a chance to show that they’re main event material. Amazing guys from the indie circuit, like Max “MJF” Friedman (late of MLW), Orange Cassidy (formerly of Beyond Wrestling) and Jimmy Havoc (from all over the British and hardcore wrestling scenes) get the spotlight they deserve.

And they all get to be who they are. WWE remakes everyone over to conform to the WWE style. In AEW, they just bring their talent and charisma to the ring and let that play out. Good booking puts the right people, the wrestlers who compliment one another, together. It’s magic.

Granted, AEW Dynamite is less than a year old. As time goes on they might congeal into a house style, and ratings might drive who sort of matches get pushed and which get downplayed or nixed. Right now, though, it’s a big variety show with something for everyone. Serious MMA-type matches, comedy, hardcore matches, goofy gimmicks, it’s like going to the circus. I love it, and have never been disappointed.

How to Watch AEW Dynamite

In the United States, AEW Dynamite airs Wednesday night on TNT. Out here in the rest of the world it can be seen on FiteTV (not sponsored) with an AEW+ subscription, which runs $5 US per month. If I wanted to stay up late I could watch it live on Fite; I catch the replay when I get up the next morning.

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