Another One of Those Moods

I’m in another one of those moods. The one where I want to delete all of my social media accounts. Where I take the site down to a single about me/contact form page. Unpublish the Patreon and end the podcast. Put everything that I want to say to the world into books and zines, rather than blog posts, podcasts, or tweets. Put quality over quantity, and focus on being concise about what I put into the world, rather than begging for your attention on a regularly scheduled basis.

This summer, Katie and I really want to make a run at getting rid of the internet at home. To prepare for this, I’ve been spending more time listening to the radio and reading books. No decision about what to stream. No distractions. I’ve been woolgathering about having the daily paper delivered, and subscribing to some magazines. No comments sections, unless you count curated letter columns. 99% news and informed opinion, less than 1% know-nothing commentary from random strangers.

During this period of blissful silence I have experienced a boost in productivity. It’s been easier for me to get into a flow state. I’ve been happy with both the quality and quantity of work that I’ve been getting done. That’s not nothing.

So the question becomes, what do I want? Get rid of the things you don’t need to make more space for the things you do. I want to create things, and put positive messages out into the world. I don’t want to deal with people who can’t think of anything better to do with their time than be actively hateful on the internet.

Another One of Those Moods

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