April 1 2020: The Latest Information

April 1 2020: Finland has extended emergency measures to May 13. Bars and restaurants to remain closed through May 31. The coast guard is now stopping boats to supplement the road and rail closures. Uusimaa is sealed until at least April 19.

Confirmed cases in Finland are up slightly to either 1384 or 1418, depending on whose numbers you look at. Reports agree on 17 total deaths. A care worker has tested positive here in Keski-Suomi and 10 people she works with are now in isolation.

We’re going to make a quick supply run today. Replenish the perishables, and buy another set of essentials. Again, not hoarding in the sense that we’re buying up all of something and leaving none for anyone else. Just an extra package of rice, pasta, toilet paper, and so on every trip,  in the event there is a local outbreak and it feels too dangerous for me to go outside the apartment at all.

In the United States, you-know-who demands to be given credit for closing the barn door, even though he waited until all of the horses had already gotten out.

Please be sure you’re getting information from reliable sources.

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