April 11 2020: The Latest Information

April 11 2020: This post was going to do a deep-dive into the mass graves on Hart Island in New York. Yes, it’s been there since 1868 and is a potter’s field for the poor and unidentified dead. That doesn’t mean that they’re not burying the massive overflow of COVID-19 victims there. Yes, they’re allegedly only using it for those who have not been claimed within 14 days. The morgues are over capacity. Funeral homes are over capacity. We’re going to find out that people weren’t informed in time, or couldn’t get into the city to claim the body in time, or were too sick themselves to deal with it.

I’m not sure which is worse, the fact that there are mass graves in New York, or that there are people trying to downplay the fact that there are mass graves in New York. As if the fact that people regularly die alone, go unclaimed, and get no final send-off isn’t already a fucking tragedy. Act like hiring extra laborers to handle the increased body count is no big deal.

What’s wrong with people?

There’s no way I can do the research. I can’t provide the links and present you with all of the fact checking today. I just can’t. This is disturbing. It’s a tragedy, and again, there are people who want to gaslight you into believing that it’s just the flu. They say it’s just where they bury homeless people, nothing to see here, move along. Fuck those ghouls.

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  1. I hadn’t heard about this, and honestly, it just broke my brain and made me shut down. I’m out of empathy spoons and I work 4 days this week and it’s too much.

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