April 15 2020: The Latest Information

April 15 2020: The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare is now advising everyone to wear cloth masks when they go out. Even if you’re not exhibiting symptoms, you can prevent the spread to others. This exceeds the standard set by the World Health Organization, who recommend using a mask only if you have tested positive or are caring for someone who might be infected.

As of this writing there are 3,161 cases here in Finland. 232 are in hospital, and 75 of those in intensive care. The Keski-Suomi region has 105 confirmed cases, of which 81 are here in the city of Jyväsklyä. So there there have been 64 deaths in the entire country. The rate of doubling is roughly every 7 days.

Today is Day 30 of my own isolation. Katie and I will be going to the story for only the third time. We will be wearing masks and gloves, and carrying packets of alcohol wipes to disinfect anything we have to touch. We’re going at the least busy time, with a list. The plan is to walk straight there, get what we need, and come directly home. It still feels a bit paranoid. I am in a higher-risk demographic, though, so I’d rather be seen as foolish than end up in hospital.

I can’t even deal with what’s going on in the United States right now.

April 15 2020: The Latest Information

Please be sure you’re getting information from reliable sources.

Johns Hopkins links have changed. They have consolidated everything into one resource page.

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