Interlude: April 27 2020

April 27 2020: Yesterday I made the usual Sunday pancake breakfast. I took the bacon grease and stared a pot of red beans simmering. Then I mixed up some bread dough, so it could rise for a couple of hours before I punched it down, put it into loaf pans, and let it rise again. Along the way I made chocolate cupcakes. Lunch was chili dogs, with the last of the chili I made earlier in the week. Dinner was fresh-baked bread with jam.

I did not make either the hot dogs or the jam, but if I had a larger kitchen and the right equipment…

There is no longer any snow visible out of our windows. Large piles tend to linger for a while, but they seem to have melted in record time this year. The lake began to thaw a couple of days ago, with water visible along the shoreline. Now there’s just a large, dark island of ice out toward the center. Since there’s space for them now, some migrating swans took up residence in the lake. They usually hand around for a day or two before moving on.


Taking a week away from the news and most social media has been good for my mental health. I know, a few things did filter through when I was checking Twitter DM’s and I went on a couple of rants. That’s a far cry from writing a daily blog post about the latest death and doltishness

April 27 2020

  • If you get anything out of these blog posts, consider buying me a coffee. The money goes toward rent and groceries, to offset the time spent blogging instead of doing paying writing work. And please, leave comments, share with other people on social media, and help to spread the world.
  • This week I’m avoiding the outside world by writing about my favorite professional wrestling promotions. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to become a full-time wrestling blog.
  • Wrestling is not fake. It is choreographed and the outcomes are predetermined, just like your favorite scripted televisions shows, action movies, and music video dance routines.
  • I am checking email and Twitter DMs twice a day, once after lunch and once after dinner EEST (UTC +3).
  • The majority of my time is spent writing and reading.
  • Current work in progress: DoubleZero
  • Currently reading: Agnes Grey by Anne Brontë
  • Currently watching: Penny Dreadful: City of Angels, which doesn’t appear to have much of anything to do with the original series, seems less convoluted plot-wise, and promises to be really good. You had me at Los Angeles 1938. And that casting? Amazing.
  • Today is Day 42 in isolation. 

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