April 3 2020: The Latest Information

April 3 2020: Numbers, numbers, numbers, we know, it’s bad. People who have been slow to grasp objective reality are coming around to the hard truth that this isn’t the flu, it’s not going to miraculously go away, and life as we know it is going to be jacked up for a while. That said, I am tired of people who had correct information and ignored it trying to claim they just didn’t know.

The Latest Information

After all of the kindness and support, the darker side of human nature has started to take hold. On the more innocuous end we have the inevitable scammers who have crawled out from under their rocks to prey on the elderly. I’m not downplaying the impact these scumbags have, but they’re generally not violent.

For that we turn to the conspiracy theorists. Dr. Anthony Fauci, whom many have come to view as the only person in the Trump Administration sharing factual information, has been getting death threats. Certain right-wing groups don’t like him because he contradicts, and thereby undermines, Trump. Once more, truth is far less important than ideology.

Then there’s the guy who tried to drive a train into a ship at the Port of Los Angeles. He saw the USNS Mercy, the hospital ship dispatched to help with the pandemic, and thought there was something nefarious going on. Suspecting there was something else going on, possibly a “government takeover”, he acted to draw attention to the situation.

The most disturbing story to me is the viral video of people in India attacking healthcare workers. Two doctors had to flee a mob throwing stones at them. They were in the neighborhood screening people for COVID-19. Apparently there are rumors and fears that the medical professionals are intentionally spreading the virus. Critical thinking, folks. We need more critical thinking.

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