April 9 2020: The Latest Information

April 9 2020: Today I’m back to “who cares?” mode. The people capable of comprehending the situation are already doing what they can. Those that don’t seemingly never will, and continue to lean into their conspiracy theories, systemic cruelty, and ideological selfishness. Right now it’s the latter that are going to prolong this situation and continue getting people killed.

We know, and we’ve already known, that facts don’t matter to certain people. Whether it’s religious fanaticism, political ideology, the Dunning-Kruger effect, or some other cause, there are human being who will continue to insist that the world works precisely the way they believe that it works, and cannot be swayed.

Then there are the people that get it, but still don’t get it. Shaming people for not social distancing is one thing. Physically assaulting them sort of negates the point you’re trying to make. Choking teenage girls just makes you an asshole.

Not that the numbers are accurate anyway. There are no uniform protocols, testing remains inconsistent, and undoubtedly some governments are suppressing things to avoid panic and/or make themselves look better.

April 9 2020: The Latest Information

Rates of infection and death are the only metrics common people have to go by right now. It’s how many of us gauge whether to go to the grocery store or not. Like the weather report, it drives how you should dress before you go out. Do I need a face mask if I’m just running down to the mailbox?

As of today there are 73 cases here in the city of Jyväskylä, 90 total in the Keski-Suomi region. That’s 35.6 cases per 100,000 people. I’m strangely grateful, and feel like I should make another stock-up run while it’s not too bad. At the same time, Easter is upon is. In Finland everything will be closed Friday, Sunday, and Monday. A lot of places will be closed Saturday because, seriously, why not make it a four-day weekend? That means today’s going to be the last chance, so stores will be busy. Same with Tuesday, when stores open again and people who aren’t stocked up to the rafters need to shop.

Please be sure you’re getting information from reliable sources.

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