Art is Sustenance

“Art is sustenance.”

Sarah Sze, New York Times interview, 2013

Katie and I swap stories of being self-entertaining children. No one had to provide us with television, or the latest toys, or sit and play games with us. Both of us remember being left to our own devices and being perfectly happy reading, drawing pictures, or making things out of whatever materials were available to us.

We learned to make a lot of the things we wanted. That extended into adulthood. Toys, stories, decor, food, even clothing. It’s not just a matter of enjoying the arts and appreciating creativity. Art is sustenance, literally, because it’s what allows us to survive.

Given an unlimited budget, I would travel the world visiting museums and restaurants. Staying in interesting hotels would be nice, buildings with interesting architecture and rooms filled with quality furniture. Spaces in between would be filled by reading books, listening to music, and watching films. Mindful consumption of things that are edifying and uplifting.

Of course, I can do that now. I just need to spend more time on the business side of creating things, so I can make the money to support my appreciation of the arts. And, you know, pay the bills.

Art is Sustenance

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