Why I’m Not Blogging About Finland (for now)

This one's getting filed under Self-Care, because it has more to do with the reasons we chose to do (or not do) certain things than anything else. A lot of people have asked if I'll be blogging about Finland, now that I've relaunched this venture. After a lot of thought, I've decided against it. I'll … Continue reading Why I’m Not Blogging About Finland (for now)

About Those “100% Funded” Banners

My main hustle, Dancing Lights Press, has started running ads declaring various projects to be 100% funded. They're meant to evoke Kickstarter campaigns. The caveat, if you read the text, is that they don't need additional funds because they already exist. They're not crowdfunding projects at all. The tagline goes on to declare "No Risk. … Continue reading About Those “100% Funded” Banners