Back Into Emotional Lockdown

Starting tomorrow I’m reinstating my election day protocols and going back into emotional lockdown. I had a major anxiety attack today over a relatively minor personal issue. It made me realize that the ambient stress is burning me out. The election. The pandemic. My Schrödinger’s immigration status. Too much.

While I’d love to just declare a permanent withdraw from the internet, that’s not practical. Knowing that the next couple of months are going to be unpredictable and surreal, I’d love to say “see you in February!” and check out. Being realistic about things, I’m going to shut down until the end of the month. On 1 December I’ll revisit the state of both the world and my mental health, and take it from there.

Back Into Emotional Lockdown

I need to focus on the things that are within my control. To that end, I will be turning off the router whenever Katie or I don’t need to be online. My phone will be turned off outside of office hours. During office hours it will be kept in a drawer in another room, where I can hear it ring but otherwise won’t be able to look at it. My laptop will be in airplane mode, except for one scheduled block of time each day when I will get online to handle business email, schedule blog posts, and perform essential tasks.

The rest of my time will be spent writing, reading, and listening to music. I will go on walks and do my normal errands. The world can fall apart without my input, and I don’t need minute-by-minute updates on things that I can’t do anything about from here in Central Finland.

Take care of yourselves.

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