Bearblog Fascinates Me, As If I Need Another Thing

7:00 am EEST (GMT+3). This is the June 25 2020 daily proof of life post. I want to talk about Bearblog and why it fascinates me. The last thing I need is a solution in search of a problem. That’s decidedly not minimalist, even though Bearblog is.

So, you’re asking, what the hell even is Bearblog? It’s a bare-bones blogging platform. White page, black text. No graphics, so style sheets, just text and hyperlinks. Because it’s so simple, it’s readable on any device. You can just write, and read, and focus on the words. It’s beautiful.

Unfortunately, I have no use for it right now. Between this site and the business site, I have things covered. I do not need to go looking for an excuse to sign up for an account and use it. That would just be making more work for myself.

Converting this site to Bearblog would mean throwing away all of the time and resources I have invested here. There’s also the issue of not knowing how well-capitalized the company is. While it looks like one guy’s personal project, it is backed by GitHub which is owned by Microsoft. Except maybe it’s just hosted on GitHub? It’s hard to say, which makes it kind of risky. I’ve been on the internet log enough to have put money and effort into sites that no longer exist. I’d hate to start a blog and have it just disappear one day because the company went under or the developer got bored and moved on.

I bookmarked it in case I ever do need what it offers. Until then, I need to move on. It can stay in the daydream world with other things that might have been.

Bearblog Fascinates Me

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