Why Being a Hack Writer Sucks Sometimes

In the coming week I am releasing 13 new titles. Actually, to be truthful, I’m releasing 11 because 2 of them already dropped today. These are economic spackle, small PDFs of between 30 and 200 pages to keep money flowing in while I finish the big, hairy, audacious main project. Most of the time I don’t mind the grind. If there’s one thing that sucks about being a hack writer, though, it’s not having the luxury to bask in a sense of completion and accomplishment.

It is exactly midnight as I’m writing this. As stated above, I’ve just put two titles to bed, scheduled an announcement on the business site, and set up a customer email to go out. Now I’m writing this post for tomorrow. Then I need to write another post for the business site. After that, I need to check my bullet journal and get things set up for tomorrow.

Once More Unto the Breach

The mad rush is because I’m not going to get any writing work done tomorrow. After breakfast we’re out the door doing immigration errands. I have documents to print out and copy at the library. We need to have new passport photos taken. Since we’ll be downtown we’ll do a couple of other errands, including stocking up on some things for the coming Second Wave. And all of this will be following social distancing, mask wearing, and sanitizing protocols. By the time we get home I will be beyond out of spoons. I have contingency plans in case I’m still wiped out the day after.

And most of those things I talked about the other day are still sitting on my plate. Some are in various stages of completion, or waiting on someone or something. Others haven’t been touched yet. I am keenly aware of every one of them, as if they’re ticking time bombs.

On my business Twitter — yes, I returned for marketing purposes — there are dilettante writers that are confused because put the one thing they made up for sale but somehow they’re not rich and famous yet. It is clearly the fault of [not them]. I’m using a metaphorical fire hose to release content because I’m thinking about expenses that are coming up in November and December. They think I’m not serious about being a professional writer because I work at breakneck speed. I wish I had the luxury to do what they do, without a care in the world about how the rent’s going to get paid.

Being a Hack Writer Sucks Sometimes

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