Being a Spoonie and a Simple Living Minimalist

Okay, this is where things should be easy but somehow become pointlessly complicated. Being a spoonie and a simple living minimalist dovetail together beautifully. My capabilities drive a lot of my purchasing decisions. They dictate the sorts of things that I have in the house on many levels. Being a minimalist already makes my life more manageable. Where it gets difficult is when I have to manage perceptions.

Having a limited amount of energy, a small apartment is ideal. It doesn’t take much work at all to keep it clean. Owning fewer things means I can target my money toward things that make my life easier. Good shoes improve my mobility. A comfortable desk chair means fewer spoons sucked up by the aches and pains of sitting. Clutter, as visual noise, can set off my anxiety, so having fewer possessions overall is soothing.

Other Peoples’ Perceptions

The managing perceptions thing stems from a (willful?) misunderstanding some people has about why I’m a simple living minimalist. They think that I live this way because of my limitations. As if I would be more materialistic if I didn’t have chronic pain or executive dysfunction. These same folks, mind you, also think that I’m self-employed because I’m too disabled to work for other people. On all counts, they’re missing the point.

I’m a minimalist because I don’t see the buying things you don’t want with money you don’t have to impress people you don’t like. The reason I’m a spoonie is because I’ve suffered physical injuries and emotional trauma. I’m a self-employed writer because I love the written word, enjoy creating things, and relish the freedom of not having to answer to a boss.

It’s taken a while, but I’ve learned to not give a crap what other people think. They’re not worth the spoons. Whether it’s the expectations of what I ought to be able to do, to pressure to be a good consumerist, I need to do what’s best for me. I don’t have the time or the energy to deal with people that aren’t supportive. Nor do I feel the obligation to educate them when they clearly aren’t interested in learning.

Being a Spoonie and a Simple Living Minimalist

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