Being a Spoonie as a Lo-Fi Writer

Today I want to talk about being a spoonie as a lo-fi writer, and what that intersection looks like. To briefly recap, a lo-fi writer is a dignified term for “hack”, a person that turns out a large volume of content at great speed. It doesn’t mean bad writer, necessarily, although there is a stigma. A spoonie is a person with a chronic condition that leaves them with limited amounts of energy to get things done. They need to make choices and prioritize activities so they can get through the day without wearing themselves out.

I am both a lo-fi writer and a spoonie. My condition influences my decisions about what projects to take on. Honestly, short turn-around times aren’t ideal. There’s little flexibility in terms of deadline, so if I can’t function it’s easy to blow it. That’s a stressful situation to be in, which only makes things worse.

Long-term projects with more comfortable deadline are obviously better. There’s more room to absorb bad days, and the need to replenish my spoons. The downside is that it means longer spaces between paydays. No one dives into being a lo-fi writer because they’re financially well-off; we do it for a constant supply of quick cash.

My solution to this has been to work hard and build a healthy back catalog of work. I have enough things out in the world for sale that if I don’t release something new, the long tail is still bringing in some money. This has increasingly allowed me to taking on larger projects with less urgent due dates. I live for the day that I have some bona fide hit that makes a lot of money. It would be fantastic to not have to be a lo-fi writer, and to take as much time as I need to create each piece of writing until I’m 100% satisfied with it.

Being a Spoonie as a Lo-Fi Writer

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