Being Sick and Reevaluating Priorities

This post is an attempt to look at the upside of things. To do this will require acknowledging that there is also a downside. Please don’t come at me for being negative. Being sick and reevaluating priorities isn’t automatically a dark and dismal thing, unless you call taking a realistic look at objective reality an inherent downer.

To recap for those just tuning it, a series of jobs in toxic corporate environments wrecked my physical and mental health. Self-employment has its own stresses. Being immigrant does as well. Chronic digestive issues can be traced back to ulcers, chronic respiratory problems from multiple bouts of pneumonia due to a lack of sick time, and anxiety disorder from having a job that required me to do morally and ethically reprehensible things.


I kind of crashed over the holidays, and I’ve been having a difficulty time getting back up to speed. I am self-employed, so if I don’t write I can’t pay the bills. My ambition is endless, but my energy is a finite resource. I had to step back and look at what absolutely had to be done, what could be put off, and what wasn’t necessary but, for some reason, was still on my plate.

Being Sick and Reevaluating Priorities

If you have been following along for the past couple of years, this isn’t the first time I’ve had to do this. I think the first major crash was around March or April of 2018. It might have been 2017. The point is that it’s happening often enough that it’s a cycle. The cool part is that every time I get better at managing it. This time wasn’t a major crash, because I sensed it coming on. I took the proper steps early. Previous crashes have already edited many things out. Things went relatively smoothly.

I know not only what task are essential, but what projects are important to me. My limits revealed themselves to me over time. This is actually a superpower now, because I get be as productive as possible and wring every milliliter of value from my time and energy without killing myself. Work gets done. Bills get paid. I get the rest I need.

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