What is the Biggest Writing Goal Achieved in 2019?

My biggest writing goal achieved in 2019 was to assess and reset my existing goals. I mentioned yesterday that I did that in November and I’m happy with the results. As a result I know where I am and where I want to be in my career thanks to a month-long project. I now have clarity on what I want and a solid plan to achieve it.

My goal was to set a goal. I know that doesn’t directly involve writing, and I didn’t finish writing a book or get publish. In other words, I did not accomplish anything directly related to putting words on paper. That makes it feel like a cop-out answer, but it’s huge. I am no longer in reactive mode, and grinding to get the bills paid every month. I have a plan. One that will, hopefully, be creatively satisfying, less stressful, and still allow me to cover the rent.

Biggest Writing Goal Achieved in 2019

Okay reader, it’s time to join the conversation. What big writing goals did you achieve this year? You don’t have to be a participant in The Merry Writer game to play along here!

The Merry Writer is a writer’s game on Twitter run by Ari Meghlen (@arimeghlen) and Rachel Poli (@RPoli3). Each day there’s a new question, and each month there’s a new theme. In these posts I expand upon the answers that I’ve posted on my Twitter.

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  1. Biggest goal achieved: I wrote! After a cross-country move, a baby recovering from being in the NICU, new jobs, new house, new state, new everything, I managed to write. I created two mini games, and two zines, with momentum for more. 🤟

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