Blogging for the Discipline, Not the Audience

Have no doubt that I appreciate each and every person that subscribes and reads this page. The numbers aren’t what they were in the heyday of blogging, but for what this site is I consider them pretty respectable. Folks that like posts and leave comments are aces. The fact of the matter is, though, that I’m not doing this for the audience. I’m blogging for the discipline.

Form a strictly business standpoint it makes no economic sense for me to be doing this. I should be spending this small amount of time each day working on something that will make me money. Alternately, I could be taking a nap. Starting each work day writing a blog post, though, gets me warmed up. The stakes are low, and I can get thoughts and feelings out so they don’t creep into other work where the don’t belong. I’ve mentioned this part before.

What I haven’t talked about is that I largely find writing blog posts more enjoyable than a lot of the other work I do. There’s an element of not having to write to the audience. No worries about meticulously explaining things, no concerns about vocabulary level, no second-guessing how the trolls in the demographic will react when a piece is published.

It gets me to sit down at the laptop and get to work. Once I’ve got the daily post out of the way, I’m in a writing frame of mind. In the worst-case scenario, I’m thinking that I need to be working on a paying project rather than a blog post. That kicks me into work mode, and the day goes easier from there.

Blogging for the Discipline, Not the Audience

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