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Blogging the Work in Progress: Make It Interesting

It’s been a while since I’ve written about anything I’m currently writing. Not the novel, not the paying work, none of it. I want to be blogging the work in progress. All of it. I know I should, if only for marketing purposes, but I can’t find the right angle. The major problem is that I find most author blogs that chart the course of a WIP to be incredibly boring. The author blogs that are interesting tend to feature said author talking about anything else.

There are a couple of books out on blogging for authors, which I won’t name here yet. First, I’m still mulling over my feelings about Amazon affiliates. Second, I haven’t read the books yet and can’t speak to their utility. Plus, this being 2020, I could come across some hate speech (in the middle of a book about writing and blogs, ffs) or discover that the author is a frothing anti-science fascist. It pays to do research.

My other social media replacement, RSS feeds through Feedly, is packed with author blogs. I’ve been keeping notes on the types of titles I actually click on, the sort of content that interest me. I’m idea mining for the blog. I love doing this. I just want to be better at it.

Blogging the Work in Progress

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