Breaking News, But It’s Still Cryptic

I’ve got some breaking news, but it’s still cryptic unfortunately. I’ll explain as I go. All this because I’m trying to grow my business.

Project Mushroom

My strategic partner for PROJECT MUSHROOM just kicked the can down the road to May. I suspect it has to do with COVID impacts and they don’t want to publicly admit it. Finland and much of Europe are going back into lockdown again, so it would make sense. I’m looking at it as extra time to get my ducks in a row and tighten up some of the details of the plan.
The question comes down to whether I’m doing this with or without the strategic partner. While I would like to work with them and hold out hope they’re on board, given the way things are going I’m currently operating on the assumption that in the end they’ll say no. I have to keep working on the project either way, and will simply have to pivot my plans based on what they decide to do.

Project Beauty

Because I was expecting an answer on PROJECT MUSHROOM today, I had planned to do a reveal and soft launch of PROJECT BEAUTY this Thursday on 1 April, with a full launch in May. The two projects are connected, so now I have to push the soft launch back until May, and possibly June.
Again, I’m looking at this as extra time to work on the project. I can now do a couple of things I didn’t think I would be able to get to prior to launch. The net result will be better for the delay.

Project Acorn

PROJECT ACORN remains on schedule, but I need to activate a contingency. The lack of resolution with PROJECT MUSHROOM creates a bottleneck for ACORN. To keep my original timeline of June/July in place, I need to change some things and outsource a piece. That will still create a small delay, but hopefully not a huge one. Waiting for MUSHROOM to resolve would push this back to August or possibly even September. 

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