The Ballad of Brian Moran

Katie and I have a running in-joke about a guy named Brian Moran. He’s more of an archetype than an actual person, although he’s based on several real people. We’ll be watching television as one of us will yell “Hey look, it’s Brian”. After a reading a news story, one of us will quip “Did you hear what Moran did now?”. We’ll laugh and laugh, because that dude is a total clown.

You’ve all seen the right-wing protests signs. Undoubtedly you’ve seen the one that says “Get a brain, moron!” Except, well, the person who made the sign, presumably the person holding it, used some creative spelling. He’s actually calling us “morans”. And telling us to “get a brian”. At some point I decided that guy’s name was Brian Moran. That’s how a legend was born.

He’s worked his way into my novel. There is a character named Brian Moran in the work-in-progress. He’s akin to Hindley Earnshaw in Wuthering Heights, a walking ball of cruelty with a little bit of power. But he’s a joke. No one likes him, no one respects him, and deep don even he knows that he’s a contemptible idiot.

The Ballad of Brian Moran
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4 Replies to “The Ballad of Brian Moran

  1. Washburn ‘burnsie’ Tubbs – not too physically substantial, but always willing to stand up for the underdog. Lost his sister when she was an infant and he was ten, Hates bullies and is a bit obsessive about seeing them punished.

  2. Here are another few – an acrobatic family – The Flying Credenzas, wealthy socialites – the Windashmeers. I also like ethnic mash-ups – Murray Esteban, Vladimir Jones.
    I can come up with character names and backgrounds easily – turning them into a proper story is hard.

  3. That reminds of a character I like to use in Noir RPGs – Dane Bramage, He’s tough and can really take a punch, but not always so quick to get a clue – he usually succeeds by dumb luck. I like spoonerism a little too much. I still quote “Piece of Cholief” from ‘SOAP’

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