These Bullet Journal Project Pages Were a Mistake

So I’m into the second week of using a weekly dashboard plus project pages. One ribbon bookmark on the week, the second on the spread for whatever I’m currently working on. Now I’m confused and overwhelmed. I’m starting to think that these bullet journal project pages were a mistake.

To be fair, I can’t actually tell if the project pages are the cause of my anxiety disorder flair up, or a casualty of it. When I had project pages in a separate journal, I would only have that journal open. The idea was to have 100% of my attention on that project for that period of time. When it was time to switch to something else, I’d turn to the relevant page in the project journal.

Having multiple projects in one book never tripped me up, though. I periodically considered using cheap A6 notebooks with paper covers, one for each project. It’s an idea I got from He Who May No Longer Be Named. Packs of 10 cost €2, and when the project is complete they can be filed or even thrown away. There was an appeal to making notes disappear when the book was done, so I could focus on the next thing. It never seemed necessary, so I never tried it.

Somehow, having the project notes a few page flips away from my weekly dashboard completely overwhelmed me. Instead of focusing on what needed to be done this week, and within the week what had to be dealt with today, all I can think about is the sheer volume of tasks awaiting me across several projects currently in motion.

To remedy this, I’ve gone back to daily journal entries. “Today I need to do tasks 1 through 7, in this order, period”. Bullet pointed lists. Which seems like extra works, the thing this new method of working was meant to avoid. It might just be temporary. Once my anxiety settles down, or I get used to this new process, it might go smoothly. The weekly is still working fine, after all.

These Bullet Journal Project Pages Were a Mistake

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