What Can I Say About the Capitol Riot?

No, seriously, I don’t know what anyone expects me to say about what’s happened in the United States. I’m surprised that anyone’s shocked. There’s been a fraction of the American public that’s been itching to run buck wild since 911. We watched the birther horseshit unfold during the Obama administration, and saw the brand of populist nationalism the Tea Party movement churned out. It isn’t as if we haven’t listened to a man who openly admires dictators call Mexican rapists, brag about inappropriately grabbing women, mock the disabled, disparage Muslims, and call for violence against journalists. All of us witnessed what happened in Charlottesville, at the Michigan State House, and at otherwise peaceful protests across America. How are any of you dumbfounded by the Capitol riot on 6 January, 2021?

I Don’t Want to Go Back

When asked why I want to stay in Finland, I point out that those people in red hats don’t miraculously go away after the inauguration. It’s like when you flip on the lights in the kitchen and the cockroaches scatter. You can’t see the roaches any more, but you know they’re still there. We’ve lived here since 2014. Before we left we had people ask why we’d ever want to live anywhere other than the greatest nation on Earth. A family member accused us of hating America because Katie said, and I quote, “We like living in Finland”. I have no doubt that the kind of domestic terrorists we saw yesterday would do us harm if given the opportunity.

I recognize my privilege.

Getting sent back to the United States would be hard, annoying, and possibly dangerous. There isn’t a drug cartel or government death squad waiting to take me out. I’d rather live in a place that isn’t infested with cockroaches, though. Especially when the landlords have historically done a piss-poor job with pest control. Security at the Capitol riot was a joke. Punish those who engaged in sedition, or they’ll keep coming back and the problem will only get worse.


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