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Category: The Invisible College of Blogs

This category is for intentional blog posts. The ones that are researched, edited, and created specifically to convey information. They’re articles and essays and series, rather than overly-long social media rants found under the category Dumb Blogging.

Based on a comment made by author Warren Ellis in his newsletter, the Invisible College of Blogs refers to people who have moved away from social media and back into blogging. There are no terms of service, other than the ones I impose. No character limitations. Stinking algorithms won’t determine what you get to see. I, as the writer of the blog, have some control over my content and how it’s presented. I get to determine who’s a troll that needs to be banned, not some impetuous platform moderator. And we can still have discussions in the comment sections.

Comparing the US and Finland [Proof of Life 3×34]

In this episode, Katie and Berin talk about little differences between the United States and Finland. They discuss food, coffee, dining out, tipping culture, and…

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Right Livelihood: How Earning an Ethical Living Affects Self-Care

I’ll say it here and I’ll say it clear: A good chunk of my need for self-care stems from years of not practicing Right Livelihood.…


Right Action: The Need for Compassion in Self-Care

Do the right thing. Easy to say, harder to do. Who defines what that is? If you do the wrong thing for the right reasons,…

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The Age of Ready, Fire, Aim

Without going into details you likely don’t care about, last weekend there was this small convention. It was a defiant, some might say petulant, response…

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Blogging, Vlogging, and Social Media: An Interlude

For the past several days I have had no desire to write a blog post. There are other projects that I want to work on.…

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