Basic facts: I am over 50 years old, I am lactose intolerant, and I live in the Nordics where there is very little sunlight most of the year. All of these add up to a calcium deficiency. While I address this by eating calcium-rich foods and taking supplements, my fingernails are still brittle. My job is banging on a keyboard all day, so I need to take care of my nails so they’re not breaking constantly. So I paint my nails. There are clear coats that can be used that are virtually invisible. Most of those are meant to go over polish, though. Over bare nails, it peels right off. There are things you can put on nails to nourish[…]

Over the past few days I’ve made several attempts to write a new post. Every time I’ve deleted them, usually before I got more than a couple of paragraphs in. I’d start with a premise that I thought I wanted to write about, and then realize that it wasn’t a topic I was willing to get into an argument with people about. So it’s been nothing but false starts and anxiety spirals. Today someone reminded me of an article that I wrote eons ago, on another website. I think I’d blocked it out of my memory. What I remember is someone linking to it on a forum, because they thought it was cool. A few other people chimed in and[…]

Today I present three things, with a single thread running through them all. Spoiler: the title, “I Quit”, is going to be the punchline at the end. Thing 1: Steve Ditko Died Last Week If you don’t know who Steve Ditko was, catch up. You know his work even if you never knew his name. While I was never a fan of his Ayn Rand-inspired later work, I appreciated his Salinger-like devotion to privacy. Ditko rarely gave interviews or made public appearances, and said he preferred to let his work speak for him. Thing 2: I Dropped Another Best Seller On Friday I released a new book. Within 24 hours it hit #1 on the Hottest Small Press list and[…]

Yesterday would have been my grandmother’s 103rd birthday. She was always tickled that she was born on 7/7, and I think it would have amused her that even here in Europe, where we put the day before the month, she’d still be 7/7. This month, for one hour per day, I take a break and watch a TV show that’s just for me. That means it’s something Katie’s not interested in, or is excessively violent. Peaky Blinders is my current jam. I described it to someone as a cross between Downton Abbey and Sons of Anarchy, which I think is at once completely off the mark and right on the nose. A lavish period piece set after World War I,[…]

When I started using my Leuchtturm1917 bullet journal, I said that I wasn’t going to be one of those people that turns it into an arts-and-crafts project with a small side of productivity. I haven’t. If you look at my Instagram feed, though, you will see a rainbow assortment of highlighters, gel pens, washi tape, and even stickers. When I take photos of some of my spreads, you can see that they aren’t entirely devoid of asthetic considerations. So what gives? Am I a hypocrite? Have I given in and jointed the cult. It’s simpler than that. I’m embracing the idea of my bullet journal as a vice, in addition to a tool. My Bullet Journal as a Vice There are[…]