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May 28 2020: Victorian Novels and Barbed-Wire Matches

May 28 2020: At this point in my life I don’t care about having a consistent public image. There’s no through line, no story thread. I’m not worried about keeping my interests themed or easily explainable. There’s no way to reconcile my love of both effete Victorian novels and barbed-wire matches, the most brutal form […]

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May 17 2020: Literacy as Resistance

May 17 2020: People ask me why I spend so much time reading “old books”. They means classics, although sometime I think people see books in general as outdated technology. I’m retro! The truth is that I see literacy as resistance. Stating that I read, and that I read things that aren’t just light entertainment, […]

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Read a Different Book Once a Year

Would you rather read the same three books for the rest of your life or be able to read a different book once a year in a genre you enjoy? If I’m reading this correctly, if my favorite genre is, say, science fiction, I could only read one science fiction book per year and never […]

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What is the Best Activity on a Snow Day?

If you expect my answer to be something other than “curl up with a good book”, you are going to be sorely disappointed. That’s clearly the best activity on a snow day. Put on some relaxing music, make a warm beverage, and find a warm, cozy spot to dive into a book. Of course, thing […]