Why I’m Focusing on Copywriting Skills

Knowing the problem you’re solving for is becoming a running theme in my life. It comes up often as I’m helping my wife Katie get her business set up. When consulting with creators and small business owners, it’s one of the first questions I ask. At the moment I’m applying it to various aspects of my own writing and publishing career. That’s why I’m currently working on my copywriting skills.

For me, writing is a business. The problem I’m solving for is paying the rent, covering the bills, and hopefully building up some savings for a rainy day. You might want to win an award, or get plaudits from notable critics, or just be seen as a “legitimate” creator. I am not, as I must repeat daily, unconcerned with quality. To make a living, though, I need to be able to work quickly and economically.

My goal with copywriting is to sell more copies of my books. New releases, my backlist, all of it. Better copy, whether it’s on a product page, a newsletter, or a blog post, can help move more units. Better sales means I might be able to slow down a little bit. Which would address perceptions; releasing fewer books, further apart in time, will lead some people to believe that they are better because they took longer. Seriously.

Why I’m Focusing on Copywriting Skills

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