Creative Work Habits are Fascinating

One of the things I miss about doing the podcast are the episodes where Katie and I just talk about creativity. We still have those conversations, but we don’t get to share them. They weren’t the most popular episodes, but if we ever did a podcast again I think we’d center it on that topic. She’s an artist, I’m a writer, and it’s amazing how much overlap there is in our influences. Two of the people whose work habits we’ve both absorbed into our own process are Isaac Asimov and Ray Bradbury. They’re the subject of today’s new blog post over on my Patreon.

We watch a lot of documentaries, and the bulk of those are about creative people. Artists, architects, and even chefs. The drive to make things seems universal to me, regardless of the medium a person is working in. Even shows like Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee can give us a peek into the minds of some amazingly imaginitive and funny people. Jerry might be problematic at times, as are some of his guests, but when you get insight into how their minds work it’s always interesting.

Creative Work Habits are Fascinating

As I find my rhythm for this iteration of the blog, I suspect that looking at other peoples’ creative work habits will become something of a running theme. It overlaps with almost all of the categories I’ve chosen to write about. It’s certainly a way to not make everything about me all of the time. In looking for a through line in my past blogging habits, I find that I’ve spent a lot of time sharing what I do, and the tips and tricks I’ve lifted from other people. Might as well make it a mood.

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