When Creative Work Isn’t Creative

As she’s been building her new online store, my wife Katie has had to face a reality that a lot of people don’t understand: a lot of creative work isn’t creative. To make a living as a writer, artist, or performer, you will spend at least half your time engaged in other things.

She’s spent the last week making an inventory of her work. Now she’s writing descriptions of the each piece, and deciding how to price it. All of that information has to be entered into her storefront. It’s boring repetitive, and tedious.

We’ve had conversations about how she’s going to let people know her site exists. She’s got some tactics mapped out, things to try. It will take a while to see what works for her and what doesn’t. I’ve warned her that whatever magic formula she hits upon will eventually stop working, she she’ll have to continually monitor things and change tactics.

All of this comes after several people told her that she should open her on online store. It’s easy, they said, having never actually done it themselves. These are also the same people that don’t understand everything that goes into the creative work, either. Somewhere my inlaws are likely still wondering when I’m going to get a “real job“.

When Creative Work Isn’t Creative

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