David Lynch on Writer’s Block, Preparation, and Writing It Down

For a long time I’ve taken the stance that I don’t believe in writer’s block. This is the only profession where people can make excuses for not being productive. A chef can’t walk in to work and say he’s got chef’s block so he can’t cook. No accountant would say they have math block so they can’t do the bookkeeping. So imagine my joy when I came across this interview, with a hot take by David Lynch on writer’s block. He says it exists only because you believe it does.

Then he goes on to talk about being prepared. If you’re a carpenter, you set up a workshop with easy access to your tools and adequate space to do things. This is why I keep my desk free of clutter, eliminate distractions, and outline. I can sit down when it’s time to write, and just write.

He also mentions the need to write things down. If you have an idea, capture it. That’s part of being prepared. That’s the carpenter with the hammer hanging on his apron, or a tape measure in the pocket, so those things are at hand when the need arises. Same thing.

I love sort of being on the same wavelength as David Lynch.

David Lynch of Writer’s Block

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