I’m on Hard Deadlines for the Rest of May

Like the title of the post says, I’m on hard deadlines for the rest of May. I will only be checking blog comments, email, and Twitter DMs once a day. That will be at the end of my work day, after dinner EEST (GMT +3).

Blog posts will continue as normal. Those are pre-written, scheduled, and set up to share on Twitter automatically. When you see a new post appear, it doesn’t mean that I’m online in that moment. It’s just my digital ghost.

Everything is fine. I’m doing this for all of the usual reasons. People continue to send me news stories, which wrecks my mood and affects my ability to work. Checking Twitter, no matter how curated my feed is, still drags me down a rabbit hole of current events. Because I take nothing at face value, I need to do lateral reading and check trusted sources of information to see what’s true, what’s hyperbole, and what’s flat-out propaganda and gaslighting. It’s exhausting and time consuming, but it’s a hard habit for me to break.

It’s better to just ignore everything until the end of the work day. Put the laptop into airplane mode and write in peace. Try to remain oblivious to the horrors of the outside world. Take notes on things I want to look up and do all of that at the end of the day, to avoid contact with the internet.

If Katie didn’t need internet access, I’d turn off the router entirely. Honestly, if I could cut the internet for a month and live without media other than books and the music on my laptop, it would be lovely. I’m not sure I’d come back. I could easily see myself turning into a crackpot that listens to phonograph records and writes physical letters.

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