Do You Ever Write With Others?

Do you ever write with others? Never. I wouldn’t make another human being suffer like that, and they’d likely murder me in short order. I’m not saying that I can’t work and play well with others. What I’m saying is that for creative work I tend to have a specific vision, and collaborating with someone in that way means easing up to make room for the other person’s vision. This is not my strong suit.

Write With Others

I’ve collaborated with people in other way. That’s been fun, and yielded some great results. A good portion of my career was as a ghost writer, after all, and that requires being able to work closely with someone on a writing project.

But a full-on partner co-writing something? Probably not. I have a particular way of writing, and that works for me. Finding someone else whose method was compatible with mine could be tough. At some point it would start to feel like group project on college. One of us would be doing all of the work, or we’d be going in different directions, or there’d be some miscommunication. It would be a mess. I’d rather be friends, and work together in different ways, than deal with that stress.

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