Do You Stop Writing By A Certain Time At Night?

Do you stop writing by a certain time at night? Of course I do. I live my life according to a schedule, for one. There’s also the issue of spoons, and executive function. Past a certain point in the day, anything I try to write comes out as word salad.

Stop Writing By A Certain Time

I know this question really depends on where you’re at in your writing career. My answer is based on being a full-time writing. It’s my day job, my 9-to-5. What I work on after dinner is “for me” writing. People who have regular jobs and write as a hobby or side hustle probably do write more at night. The temptation to blow off bedtime to hit word count must me strong. I’ve been there. It’s been a while, but I’ve been there.

There are only two things that matter. First, are you getting the time you need to write. Second, are you fitting writing into your life in a way that enhances it, rather than throws it into chaos. For me, that means having routines and getting enough sleep. Your mileage may vary.

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