Do You Use the Same Process for Every Novel

Today’s question is whether I use the same process for every novel, or if I take a different tack every time. In the past I would say that I had a consistent methodology over time. While things would evolve slightly as I found better ways of doing things, that was still an outgrowth of the same base process.

For my current work-in-progress, I made the conscious decision to do things differently. Most of my habit are based on cranking out word count to meet tight deadlines. I wanted to give myself room to meander, explore, and make more mistakes with this one. It’s a learning process and a journey, rather than a race to complete a finished product.

If you extend the question to include all of my writing projects in general, the answer becomes “it depends”. When I’m working on a series, the process will remain the same within that series. Each series has a slightly different approach based on deadlines and other resources. Stand-alone projects tend to each have their own methodology based on the need.

Do You Use the Same Process for Every Novel

Okay reader, do you follow the same process every time, or do you switch things up from project to project? You don’t have to be a participant in The Merry Writer game to play along here!

The Merry Writer is a writer’s game on Twitter run by Ari Meghlen (@arimeghlen) and Rachel Poli (@RPoli3). Each day there’s a new question, and each month there’s a new theme. In these posts I expand upon the answers that I’ve posted on my Twitter.

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