Downtime Between Works in Progress

How do you schedule downtime between works in progress? What is this downtime you speak of? Not only do I have several projects going at once, in various stages of development, there are non-writing tasks that need to be handled. I rarely get to celebrate a book launch, because I’m immediately into the next thing. Downtime isn’t something I can afford.

This is the reality of being a working writer. It’s a full-time job and then some. I don’t think a lot of people, even other writers, get it. There is no stop. There is no pause. Downtime is sleep, or dinner, or maybe a couple of hours to watch a movie. It’s reading and doing research. The rest is grind. From sunup until sundown, seven days a week. Otherwise the rent doesn’t gt paid.

Downtime Between Works in Progress

The closest thing I get to downtime is doing non-writing tasks. I cannot jump from writing one thing to adding word count to another without clearing my head first. For those times there is graphic design, layout, and answering emails. Making lunch, folding laundry, and planned trips to the grocery store. It’s not leisure time, which is what I think the question implies, but it’s still productive time.

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