Today’s Ambient Offering: Exile – Dark Cyberpunk Mix

Today’s ambient offering is Exile – Dark Cyberpunk Mix. Odysseus is a synthwave, chillwave & vaporwave community that features emerging electronic ambient sounds in genres like synthwave, chillwave, and vaporwave. It is an odyssey through fringe electronic ambient sounds and visual aesthetics.

1980s film soundtracks and video games influence the synthwave genre. It developed from various niche communities on the Internet during the mid 2000s. In its music and cover artwork, it engages in retrofuturism, emulating period science fiction, action, and horror media. It expresses nostalgia for ’80s culture, attempting to capture the era’s atmosphere and celebrate it.

I like synthwave because of those soundtrack references. Good movies, bad movies, they were all using the same electronica. That was the period when I was in art school and college as well, and first pursuing the dream to become a writer. When I started watching dead mall channels on YouTube as research for a project, a lot of them used synthwave to score their videos. I realized it was a perfect generic soundtrack for a lot of my creative work, and has become the default background music in my workspace.

Exile – Dark Cyberpunk Mix

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