What Explainer Pages Would You Like to See?

In an attempt to expand the usefulness of the website, I’m planning to add a few “explainer” pages. These will be listed on the menu underneath the “My Story” page, which is also getting an overhaul. Right now I’m planning to have a page each for writer, minimalist, and spoonie that cover what those terms mean to me, how they impact my life, and hopefully links to some essential posts and other online resources.

This is really an attempt to turn things that are subtle and nuanced into easily-digestible labels. Search engines and algorithms want things streamlined and consistent. People want information in soundbites and bullet points. To do some of the things I want to do with this site going forward, I need to do some restructuring and rebranding.

Are there additional pages that you’d like to see? Do I use terms or jargon that you feel could use a reference page? Have I talked about other things that you think should be expanded upon with some sort of anchor page?

What “Explainer” Pages Would You Like to See?

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