Share a Piece of Goal-Setting Advice

There’s only one piece of goal-setting advice that I have to offer, and that’s to learn about SMART criteria. You have to be specific about what you’re trying to accomplish, progress has to be measurable, the goal has to be realistically achievable, the outcome of the goal has to be relevant to your life and long-range objectives, and it need to be time-bound with deadlines and benchmarks. The odds of you reaching your goal increase exponentially when you use SMART criteria to set that goal.

I know that there are people who are all-in on making art for art’s sake, and more power to you if that’s what you want. There are people who look down on me as a hack because I manage to make a living as a writer by cranking out content by the bucket-load. Your feelings are valid, just don’t hate me for needing to pay the rent. Having criteria for goal-setting, though, is no more oppressive to your creativity than acknowledging the value of the three-act structure or following the rules of grammar.

Do You Have Goal-Setting Advice to Share?

Okay reader, sound off. Are there any tips of tricks for setting goals that have worked for you? You don’t have to be a participant in The Merry Writer game to play along here!

The Merry Writer is a writer’s game on Twitter run by Ari Meghlen (@arimeghlen) and Rachel Poli (@RPoli3). Each day there’s a new question, and each month there’s a new theme. In these posts I expand upon the answers that I’ve posted on my Twitter.

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