The Joy of Going Analog

I will say this again: one of my greatest regrets in life is getting rid of my Alphasmart. It was lightweight, indestructable, ran forever on 3 AA batteries, and the only thing I could do on it was write. Not internet, no distractions. It was the closest I have ever come to going analog with my writing.

The arthritis in my hands preclude writing longhand on yellow legal pads. I’d be in screaming pain within minutes. There’s also my strong aversion to doing double-work, and since I’d need to retype it anyway longhand always felt like a waste of time. I also know that there are other dedicated word processing devices, but they are expensive. Even getting a refurbished Alphasmart would cost a fortune to ship to Finland. So I need to accept airplane mode as the alternative.

Minimizing My Phone

Normally I take notes in my phone, using Google Keep. This week I purchased a pack of tiny 5 cm x 7.6 cm (2″ x 3″) notebooks to serve the same purpose. I carry one in my pocket, and jot down ideas and tasks as they come to me. It keeps me from looking at my phone, where the temptation to answer an email or look at puppies on Instagram could become a distraction. I’ve taken to putting my phone in my bag, rather than my pocket, when I go out. I also keep it across the room when I’m working.

Wall Calendars are Happiness

This week I also purchased a 2021 calendar. I have finally gotten rid of the last vestiges of Google Calendar. “Oh, but it syncs with everything!” Well that’s the problem, isn’t it? I’ve come to use my bullet journal for anything I found useful about GCal. I remember things better when I have to write them in the bujo and the wall calendar. Using a family calendar, I can use the spaces intended for different family members to track different projects. It’s easier to see, and so much more satisfying to update, than a phone app.

I need to keep looking for more ways of going analog.

The Joy of Going Analog

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