Having a Sustainable Plan for Simple Living

No one goes from zero to full-blown minimalism. Not Marie Kondo. Not Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus. Certainly not me. It isn’t something you just suddenly do. It’s a whole series of choices and changes that need to take place over time. You need to put together a sustainable plan for simple living. Then you begin to tackle it, point by point.

I can’t tell you what that plan is. I don’t know what your current life is like, or what your goals are. What I can tell you is that it’s like any other habit. Pick a starting point and run with it. If you want to begin with a grand gesture like cleaning out your garage, go for it. If you’d rather start small, like giving up “retail therapy” because you don’t have space for more stuff, do that.

The important thing is to stick with it. Whatever you choose to start with, follow through. When you’ve got that down, move on to something else. Make a list, not to pressure yourself but to begin gathering ideas about what you want to do. Go room by room. Category of stuff by category.

No one expects you to do this overnight. Hell, it took Katie and I three months to get rid of nearly everything in a two-bedroom apartment back in 2014. It was practically all we did for that period of time. And that was because we were moving to Finland, and only taking two suitcases and one carry-on bag each. Take as much time as you need… as long as you keep moving forward.

Having a Sustainable Plan for Simple Living

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