Honest Expectations of Things to Come

Thursday was my first day back in the office. I spent two days just catching up on messages, putting my bullet journal in order, and getting a feel for what the rest of this month looks like. Settling into the new space is going to be a process, and it’s going to be a while before a “new normal” is established. I want to set some honest expectations of things to come.

Things to Come

I will be producing material on living a minimalist lifestyle as both an act of defiance and a path to inner peace. This will be distributed across multiple forms of media, including this blog, a weekly newsletter, a monthly zine, and a podcast.


My goal is to post a daily update, Monday through Friday. I want to talk about where I’m at with various works-in-progress, and share life updates. These might come across as a little rough and erratic, but I’m shooting for organic and honest. Shoot me questions, either in the comments or through the contact page; I want to know what you want to know.


I wanted to release the first issue this past weekend. Relocation logistics kept that from happening. Rather than killing myself, I’m pushing this off. Depending on how some other things go, I’m hoping for the 17th or 24th as the launch date. It’s a matter of what aspects of getting established in a new place will crop up and eat into my writing time. You can check the Newsletter page for the most current information, and to subscribe now so you don’t miss out.


The first issue of the zine is completely outlined and about 15% written. The focus will be minimalism, defiance, and inner peace, of course, but the theme will be rejecting the status quo. I’m aiming for an August release. If that goes smoothly, new issues will be monthly. If not, new issues will be every-other month until I can get things running smoothly. You can check the Zine page for the most current information.


At this point we don’t even have office furniture, let alone media equipment. Something something banking, something something moving money around internationally. Topics are outlined, scripts are written, and as soon as we have the gear to record with we’ll start dropping episodes. You can check the Podcast page for the most current information.

Dancing Lights Press

The company is running on autopilot right now. It’s the first thing that needs to be up and running at full capacity, because that’s how I pay the bills. You can check the website for updates on what’s happening on that side of my life.


Katie’s shop will reopen on 19 July. The selection of items available may initially be limited. Shipping rates will change, to the benefit of most customers. You can read her updates on that site for more information. She had big things in the works.

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