How Many Works-In-Progress At Once?

How many works-in-progress at once do you typically work on? Looking at my board, probably too many. The novel is a long-term thing, that’s one. On the business side, I normally have one book that I’m writing, another that I’m editing, and a third that I’m outlining. Then there’s this blog, and the company blog, both of which I’m slowly recalibrating so posts can be recycled as zine articles. So technically it’s two projects, but in reality it’s four (two blogs and two zines).

How Many Works-In-Progress At Once?

You see why things like time blocking and bullet journaling are important. It’s why I have a separate bujo for work projects, and a third one for the novel. If I had room to cover my workspace in whiteboards, I would. It’s a lot of moving parts to keep track of.

That’s the reality of being a working writer, though. Hustle and grind. Never stop moving. Always have several irons in the fire. It would be fan-flippin’-tastic if I could take a year to focus on one thing, make it perfect, and set it free into the world. To make a living, I need to continually be releasing new content.

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