How to Cut Down Distractions

Batch-writing blog posts in advance can cut down distractions. Not always in the way you’d expect, though. Being able to focus on one task for a longer of period of time is great, sure. It’s also made me refocus what I can write about.

I’m writing this in the afternoon on Sunday, 5 July. It’s scheduled to post on Friday, 10 July. The speed of the internet is brutal. If I were to comment on something that’s happening in real time for me, it would likely be irrelevant by the time you read it. Which should really put tweets, sound bites, and water cooler gossip in proper perspective. We’ve had our moment of outrage, we’ve laughed and cried and felt a way about a thing, and then we moved on.

Did those fleeting moments even matter? Were they the best use of our time? You already know the answer.

Big things still matter. They always will. Fighting the pandemic. Eradicating systemic racism. Winning the election. Everything else? Trivia. Not worth worrying about. If it’s still important tomorrow, people will still be talking about it. Our influence, yours and mine, is not so great that we need to be dealing with most things on a minute-to-minute basis.

How to Cut Down Distractions

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