HUBRIS 11 April 2021: Check Out My Podcast!

This is Hubris: 11 April 2021 Edition, the newsletter where I think I’ve written something worth reading. Today I want to talk about the new podcast, and give you some updates on other projects!

unqualified with berin kinsman

UNQUALIFIED is a podcast about minimalism, defiance, and inner peace. The first two episodes are out now! In the first episode I explain what I’m trying to express by doing this podcast. The second episode explores why minimalists have so much to say about such a seemingly simple concept.

For the moment the show is exclusively on Patreon, but you can listen to the first to episodes for FREE without having to become a patron. There are 4 additional episodes already recorded and scheduled, with more on the way.

Project Mushroom Update

The search for new studio space is in a holding pattern right now. I expect to get some news in the coming week, so that we can move forward. Things like the podcast will be a lot easier to produce, and sound better, when we have a dedicated space to do it. I moved ahead with launching it this week because the timeline on this can’t be nailed down. If I put everything into a holding pattern until certain things are resolved, I could be sitting idle for months.

For the moment, I’m focusing on decluttering and organizing. We’re going to be moving at some point. Things need to be sold off, given away, recycled, or thrown out prior to the move, so I might as well do it now. I’m trying to use the waiting time to get as prepared as possible. It also isn’t a bad idea to pare things down anyway. Most people would think I own next to nothing, but I think I own way too much crap.

Project Acorn Update

A strategic partner just threw another curveball at me this week, in the form of updated specifications. Fortunately I hadn’t gotten to the thing that needs to be done differently yet. It’s not a matter of having to do things over, it’s just having to alter the plans a little bit.

While there are some portions of this project that can’t be completed until we’re in the new studio space, there’s a lot that can be done. I’m trying to get as much, if not all, of that done ahead of time. Then once we’re in the new space, I can immediately begin to leverage it.

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HUBRIS 11 April 2021

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